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Academic Checklists

Checklist Category(s) Department(s)
APPLIED BIOLOGY (PDF) Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences
Applied Health Physiology (PDF) Health Sciences, Health Sciences
Athletic Training (PDF) Health Sciences, Health Sciences
CADR (PDF) Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution, Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution (CADR)
Educational Leadership - Certificate of Advanced Study (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
Educational Leadership • Post-Master Certificate (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
English - Composition and Rhetoric - M.A. (PDF) English, English
English - Literature - M.A. (PDF) English, English
English - TESOL - M.A. (PDF) Education, English, English
Higher Education Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
History Master of Arts (PDF) History, History
Literacy Educator Post-Master Certificate (PDF) Education, Literacy Studies
Master of Arts in Teaching (PDF) Education, Secondary & Physical Education
Master of Business Administration (PDF) Business, MBA Program
Curriculum and Instruction - Post-Secondary Education Track (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
Curriculum and Instruction - Master of Education (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
M.Ed. Educational Leadership (PDF) Education, Education Leadership
Reading Specialist - Master of Education (PDF) Education, Literacy Studies
GIS Management - Master of Science (PDF) Geography and Geosciences, Geography & Geosciences
M.S. in Mathematics Education (PDF) Education, Mathematics and Computer Science, Secondary & Physical Education, Mathematics and Computer Science
Nursing - Post-Baccalaureate to D.N.P. (Leadership/FNP) (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - Post-Master’s to D.N.P. - FNP (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - Post-Master’s to D.N.P. - Leadership (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - M.S.N. - RN to M.S.N. (No Previous Bachelor’s Degree) (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - M.S.N. (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Nursing - Post-D.N.P. Certificate of Completion: Family Nurse Practitioner (PDF) Nursing, Nursing
Post Baccalaureate Certificate in TESOL (PDF) English, English
Master of Social Work - Advanced Standing Curriculum (PDF) Social Work, Social Work
Master of Social Work- Traditional Online Curriculum (PDF) Social Work, Social Work
Master of Social Work - Traditional Three-Year Plan Curriculum (PDF) Social Work, Social Work
Master of Social Work - Traditional Two-Year Plan Curriculum (PDF) Social Work, Social Work