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Non-Degree Students Policies

Auditors & Undergraduate Non-Degree Students

Community members who wish to enroll for a limited number of undergraduate courses in the non-degree program must register online through the forms page. Enrollment may be completed for no more than 7 credit hours for 5 week and 7 week sessions. The limit for 10 week and 14 week semesters is 8 credit hours.

Graduate Non-Degree Students

Non-degree graduate students who have never been admitted to a graduate degree program at SU do not need to submit an application or application fee. These students must have official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office from the baccalaureate granting institution (specifying their bachelor’s degree major) and all institutions attended for graduate study, and register for classes online. Two graduate courses per term are allowed for enrollment. Once the required official transcripts arrive, non-degree students may continue to enroll in graduate classes by submitting a completed registration form to the Registrar’s Office. To facilitate non-degree students’ ease in scheduling classes, the arrival of transcripts may be delayed up to the end of the student’s first semester at SU. However, students must have their transcripts sent as quickly as possible as they may be necessary for scheduling purposes. If the official transcript(s) does not arrive in the Admissions Office by the end of their first term, students will not be allowed to schedule additional graduate classes or have graduate transcripts sent from SU.

A maximum of nine semester hours of credit earned prior to formal admission to a master’s degree program at SU may be applied toward graduation requirements for that degree. Certain graduate courses are available only to students formally admitted to a degree program. (Refer to the individual course descriptions for more information.)