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PeopleSoft Functional Area Steering Team (FAST)

The purpose of the PeopleSoft Functional Area Steering Team is to identify, approve, and prioritize discretionary enhancement opportunities from a campus-level perspective. This team meets monthly to decide what enhancements are most valuable and desirable to PeopleSoft users and functional areas, then provide guidance and sponsorship on priority, scope, and scheduling of enhancement implementation. This ensures effective use of development and testing resources, and alignment with campus strategic goals and initiatives.

The Steering Team provides a stabilizing influence so PeopleSoft / GullNet direction and concepts are established and maintained with a strategic vision. Members of the team provide functional area insights on long-term strategies in support of the campus strategic plan, legislative mandates, reporting requirements, and audit compliance. Group members ensure the most essential system objectives are being adequately addressed, processes remain stable, and system functions are improved.

FAST Scorecard: Click here to Download Form

The FAST scorecard is used to prioritize PeopleSoft change requests that will take significant development, testing, training, and rollout effort. The person requesting the change will be asked to fill out the above form for review by the team. The requestor may be asked to attend a committee meeting to present justification for the score and/or benefits of the request. The process is shown below:

FAST Scorecard Process Diagram (Click thumbnail to expand):

FAST Scorecard Process Diagram

FAST Meeting Minutes:

PeopleSoft Functional Area Steering Team Charter (Draft)