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Want to compete with your friends in multiple sports for a chance to win a championship against other students and athletes? Well gather up your best friends and form a team to compete in the Salisbury University Intramural Leagues!

Salisbury has over 20 sports and events each year in which you can battle to become an SU Intramural Champion. If you are used to playing traditional team sports then try the Intramural Sports League – we have our own Principles of Intramurals. There are leagues for men, women and both (co-rec), which consist of teams of all different skill levels in a variety of sports. A schedule outlining the teams available and calendar of events is posted at the beginning of each semester.

Teams and Rules

Each semester, there are a wide variety of sports for you to enjoy – check out links below for rules when available.

Forming a Team

The easiest way to get involved in team sports is to form a team on your own with a couple friends, perhaps the hall of your dorm or the neighbors in your apartment complex. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities as well as other campus groups often put together teams. Ask your organization at its next group meeting if anyone is interested.

How to Register

Once you’ve got your team, you’ll need to create an account online to get registered. The key here is to REGISTER EARLY! So, when you do register? Well, each sport has its own registration period. You can sign up for NFL Pick 'Em anytime during the NFL season; we have a different winner each week. The deadlines for ESports are September 17 and September 29.

You'll register for most sports online via the Intramural Sports website using IMLeagues. If online registration is not available, then simply stop by Maggs Center Room 146B to register. We recommend registering on the FIRST DAY of the registration period.


Team sport registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, leagues are set-up so that each team plays once each week for four straight weeks with a three-week playoff tournament following the regular season.

Mandatory Captains Meetings

Once you’ve registered a team, you or a teammate MUST attend the mandatory captains meeting for the sport. Someone must be designated the team captain. The date, time and place of the captains meeting is listed on the Intramural schedule. Even if you're an expert in the sport, you or a teammate MUST make the meeting. If you're not at the meeting, there is a $25 fine or we’ll DROP your team from the league immediately. It’s mandatory, so make it there. The captains meeting typically takes about 25 minutes and covers the sports rules and eligibility requirements for your players and Intramural Policies and Procedures.

Regular Season Schedules & Team Rosters

Regular season team schedules, for the majority of teams, are available online a few days following the captains meeting. Simply print it out and you’ll have the teams you will be playing throughout the season. On the night of your game, your team members should arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign-in at the game site. An SU Gull Card is required for all participants. Players can only play on ONE team at a time and once a player has joined a team he/she can NOT switch to another team. Play each game with good sportsmanship and conduct (we have team sportsmanship requirements) and you'll advance to the playoffs. There is another meeting for team captains before the playoffs. More information about the playoff structure, sportsmanship, and other sport requirements will be discussed at the captains meeting prior to the season.

Team Sports Free Agents

OK, so all this stuff about registering a team is great, but what if you don't know enough people to form a team on your own? Well, for most of our major team sports, we will put together a free agents list. To register as a free agent for a sport, sign up in the Free Agents area on IMLeagues. The Free Agents are advertised to existing teams so they contact you about joining their team, or may contact them. If that doesn’t happen, we put together teams of all free agents to compete in our leagues.

Individual/Dual Sports

If sports for one and/or for you and a partner are what you're looking for, try one of our individual or dual sports tournaments. Singles and doubles tournaments are available. Registering for individual and dual sports takes place online and/or in our Maggs Physical Activities Center Office. When a fee is involved, registration in the Intramural Sports Office is required. Otherwise, you'll be able to enter your registration information on our website to sign-up. The Intramural schedule will indicate when online registration is available for a particular sport. Typically, when online registration is available you will be required to register that way; no registrations will be taken in our office in that case.

Want a Job?

Intramurals offers students the opportunity to work and earn money during their collegiate experience. See what jobs are currently available:

Positions Available Currently: Intramural Officials

General Information
The Intramural Program hires SU students to officiate the many sports and activities offered.  There are two types of positions available, supervisors and officials.  A brief description of each position is listed below.  These positions offer good pay and flexible scheduling while working in a sports setting with fellow students.  Previous officiating experience is not required.  The Intramural Department will provide training clinics prior to the start of each sport to assist officials in gaining basic rule knowledge.

Intramural Supervisors (Head Officials)
The Intramural Department is looking for individuals to work as Intramural Supervisors.  Supervisors serve as the Head Official for intramural activities.  In addition to officiating duties, supervisors are responsible for event set up and breakdown and player check-in.  Supervisors are hired at the beginning of the semester and work all of the activities during that semester.

Intramural Officials
In addition to the supervisor positions, the Intramural Department hires officials for selected team sports.  These sports include flag football, soccer, floor hockey, dodgeball, floorball, basketball and softball.  Check the intramural schedule to find out when these sports begin.

How To Apply
If you are interested in working as an Intramural Supervisor or officiating one or more of the intramural sports listed above, please contact Campus Recreation Office at the Maggs Physical Activity Center or call 410-543-6350.  A completed job application is required.  The application can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  The application is in an Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Reader.  You can download Adobe Reader for free here.

Intramural Program Job Application