COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Fall Semester

Military Activation

Transitioning from Campus to Military Service

Step-by-Step Instructions

Students who are called to active duty after the beginning of the semester may either withdraw from all courses or take incompletes in all courses. Students must consult with their instructors to determine which option is available in each course.

Students who withdraw from all courses will receive a full refund of all tuition and fees for the semester. Students will receive a pro-rated credit of dining service and housing charges. A full refund will be issued for books returned to the bookstore with an SU bookstore receipt and a full refund will be issued for fees incurred for a parking permit. All parking violations, library fines, and other fines remain the students’ responsibilities. For students receiving Title IV funds, financial aid recovery will be subject to requirements for return of Title IV funds to the federal government.

Students who take incompletes in all classes must determine the conditions for completing the course work and the deadline for completing the work in consultation with course instructors. The university deadline for completing incomplete coursework is midsemester of the next full semester for which the student is enrolled or at the end of one calendar year, whichever is earlier. Upon separation from active duty, it is the students’ responsibility to complete the work and seek a final grade from the instructor. Incomplete grades will be changed to final grades when the instructors have submitted the final grades to the Registrar’s Office.