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Staff Senate Bylaws


Basic to the effective operation of any institution of higher education is the acceptance of the concept of shared  governance. Shared governance should include participation by students, faculty and staff. The University staff provides a  wide range of services and expertise that is critical to the fulfillment of the University’s overall mission. In recognition of the  role which represented staff employees fulfill in achieving the mission of the University and our participation in its planning  and structure, the Salisbury University Staff Senate (SUSS) will be committed to reviewing and making recommendations on  issues affecting the entire welfare of the University community and its employees (except those employees covered by  collective bargaining), particularly in the area of human resource matters and its ultimate effect on staff.

Article I – Purpose

In recognition of this essential role, all eligible staff are afforded the opportunity to make recommendations relative to  basic decisions affecting their welfare and the welfare of the University. These decisions should involve the assumption of  having an informed participatory advisory role on administrative issues and in the functional support aspects of academic  matters. Furthermore, all eligible University staff, except for the president and his/her senior vice presidents (officer group),  will be considered as voting Salisbury University Staff Senate members.