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Building Hours and Codes

We have over 80 facilities at SU. In general, campus offices are open 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. in the summer). Below are hours for the exteriors of select academic and student facilities, as well as the building codes you may see on maps and signage.

Building Hours

Building Codes

AC Guerrieri Academic Commons
AD Admissions House
AH Alumni House
AS Athletic Storage Building
AT Athletic Team Building
AX Athletic Complex
BL Blackwell Hall
BP Baseball Press Box
C1 1108 Camden Avenue
C2 1206 Camden Avenue (Main House)
C3 1206 Camden Avenue (Cottage)
CA Campus Wide
CB Commons Building
CG Carriage House
CK Choptank Hall
CN Camden House
CP Chesapeake Hall
CR Chester Hall
D1 Division Street Building 1
DG Devilbiss Greenhouse
DH Devilbiss Science Hall
DR Delmarva Public Radio
DV Dogwood Village
EC East Campus Complex
ES Environmental Studies
FC Foundation Center
FH Fulton Hall
FS Fueling Station
FX Fulton Hall Annex
GB Gallery Building
GC Guerrieri Student Union
GH Greenhouse
GR Grounds Building
GS Grounds Storage Building
HH Holloway Hall
HO Honors House
HS Henson Science Hall
IC Indoor Tennis Center
IE Center for International Education
IF International Faculty HSE
IT Information Technology
MB Maintenance Building
MC Maggs Gymnasium
MG Maroon & Gold Club
MK Manokin Hall
MX Maggs Annex
NA Nanticoke Hall
NR Nanticoke River Center
P1 Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center
PH Perdue Hall
PL Philosophy House
PO Pocomoke Hall
PR University House
PS Police Substation
QU Quad
RC Center for Conflict Resolution
RR Regent's Retreat
RS Red Square
S1 Storage Facility #1
SA Student Art Center
SB Support Services Building
SC Scarborough Leadership Center
SF Softball Press Box
SG Sea Gull Square
SM St. Martin's Hall
SO Soccer Press Box
SP Sea Gull Pavilion
SS Sea Gull Stadium
SV Severn Hall
SX Stadium Pressbox
TC Tennis Center
TE Conway Hall
TP Track Press Box
TS Tower Shelter
UA University Analysis, Reporting, and Assessment
UF University Fitness Club
UN Underpass
VS Visitor's Station
WG Wayne Street Garage
WI Wicomico Hall
WM Ward Museum