doctor holding elderly patient's hand
Be There for the Golden Years

Gerontology Minor

The previous generation was responsible for raising us and giving us some of the best years of our lives – and now, as they reach a new stage in their lives, is an opportunity to give back. The field of gerontology is in growing demand and offers many diverse employment opportunities. People with a background in gerontology can provide a richer world for older adults in the form of educational opportunities, recreation and leisure programs, and volunteer activities. Salisbury University recognizes the importance of studying aging-related disciplines to address the challenges of growing older and helping to maintain the quality of life into the golden years.

Why Choose a Gerontology Minor at Salisbury University?

The gerontology minor explores the psychology of aging as well as aging and society. The remaining course of study includes choosing from topics that range from the psychology of death and dying to social work with older people. Students are encouraged to organize their elective selections to complement their major academic and/or vocational areas of interest.

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