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A Passion for the Past is a Tool for the Future

History Minor

A passion for the past is wonderful, and we can turn that passion into skills of value. At Salisbury University, history is not simply a list of facts to be memorized but a mystery to be unveiled in much the same way a detective solves a tricky case. Our history program offers an invigorating learning experience that challenges students to ask not just what happened, but why it happened.

Why Choose a History Minor at Salisbury University?

The history minor allows students in other fields to gain a broad base in the humanities and social sciences and thus enhance their ability to reach higher levels of achievement in their own professional specialization. 

In a modern setting, some people wonder is a minor in history useful? At SU, we believe the skills you develop in studying history – such as problem solving and articulate oral and written communication – promise professional success in the information age.

At SU, we promote active learning through research. Our students don’t just read about history in a textbook – they make their own history by analyzing actual historical documents, many housed on campus in the Edward H. Nabb Research Center. Here, students find firsthand accounts from a long list of historical figures, including the earliest explorers and Civil War soldiers.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a history major.

To preserve the past by researching and teaching history to present and future generations is my passion, and I hope to inspire some of my students to become historians to do the same.
CLARA SMALL, PH.D. Professor of History Emeritus

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