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Take the Stage at Salisbury

Theatre Minor

A production is more than just entertainment. It takes the efforts of performers, directors, set designers, makeup artists and more to bring a production to life. At Salisbury University, we believe show business really is “business.” From the studio to the stage, we’ll help you reflect your spirit and turn it into a career of promise.

The Bobbi Biron Theatre Program at SU fosters an environment that encourages innovative performances and designs where students can take risks and discover their personal artistic points of view. The Theatre Minor allows you to gain experience in performance, design, management, or a track that might combine all of the above. Interested in a more comprehensive approach to theatre? Learn about our Theatre Major.

Why Choose a Theatre Minor at SU?

Our program balances a broad liberal arts perspective with the specifics of professional training. The program examines theatre through aesthetic education and criticism, creative expressions, and diverse historical and socio-cultural perspectives.

What sets our program apart from others is:

  • Our Performance Opportunities: SU Theatre creates live experiences that push beyond the preconceived limitations of theatre. Whether interested in performing, designing, or managing, our program provides students with comprehensive production opportunities. Students leave our program with portfolios full of work, evidenced by the success of our students and alumni in grad school acceptances and awards.
  • Our Productions: Ranging from new work to classical drama, our productions are produced with a contemporary, relevant lens that resonates with audiences both locally and nationally. Our faculty and students create new, adventurous performances that challenge, engage, and enlighten performers and audiences alike. We elevate the voices of our diverse student body through productions that reflect a multiplicity of communities, identities, and perspectives.
  • Our Faculty and Personal Instruction: Our faculty has years of professional experience in theatre, film, and television. Students are connected with industry professionals through guest speakers, workshops, and internships. We keep our class sizes small to ensure that each student is a familiar face who receives individual attention in the classroom, rehearsal, design meetings, and advising setting.
We now have a number of students who have been interns on films in New York, and more producers know that SU is a resource for them.
LESLIE YARMO, M.F.A. Department of Music, Theatre and Dance Faculty

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