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Create a World Within a World

Urban and Regional Planning Minor

Our environment influences how we talk, live and grow. Cities are a tangible part of your world that become part of your daily life: the school where you grew up, your favorite grocery store, that graffiti-covered traffic sign you pass on the way to work, that old man always sitting on the park bench. City planning is not just about the buildings or roads, but the environment we build and how we interact with it every day. With an urban and regional planning education at Salisbury University, you can help create these worlds within worlds.

Why Choose Urban and Regional Planning at SU?

The minor in urban and regional planning requires the completion of at least 18 credit hours of courses. At least 15 hours of the work applied toward the minor must consist of courses that are not used to satisfy General Education requirements, and at least nine of these hours must be credits earned at SU. All courses applicable to the minor must be completed with a C or better.

Students in the minor must complete the following courses:

  • GEOG/URPL 308 Principles of Planning
  • GEOG/URPL 408 Seminar in Urban Theory

Complete at least two courses from the following:

  • GEOG/URPL 328 Applied Planning
  • URPL 402 Environmental Planning
  • GEOG/URPL 416 Smart Growth

Complete at least one course from the following:

  • GEOG 325 Conservation and Resource Management
  • GEOG 401 Soil, Water and Environment
  • GEOG 403 Environmental Hazards
  • POSC 360 Environmental Policy

Complete at least one course from the following:

  • CADR 200 Foundations of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • ECON 211 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENVR 210 Principles of Environmental Economics
  • GEOG 304 Decision Making with GIS
  • GEOG 319 Geographic Information Science
  • POSC 202 State and Local Government in the U.S.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers an urban and regional planning major with options for land use planning and environmental planning tracks.

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