SU Move-Out Continues as Scheduled, Classes Remain Online, Buildings Closed to the Public

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

This page will be updated as information changes. Latest updates: 3/27/2020 1:40 p.m.

SU is committed to keeping our community safe, healthy, and informed. Please check this page for updated information on COVID-19 (formerly known as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus). Please call Student Health Services (SHS) at 410-543-6262 if you need medical assistance or have questions/concerns.

Dr. Wight Addressing SU

A Message from SU’s President on COVID-19

The fast spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created unprecedented challenges at SU and around the world. SU President Charles Wight discusses some of the recent decisions made to help protect SU students, faculty and staff, as well as the greater community, and shares information about how the University is meeting these challenges head-on. Please email any questions or comments to

  • Campus Communications

    Dear SU Students and Parents:

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting State/University System of Maryland restrictions, Salisbury University will issue credits to student accounts for the Spring 2020 semester for a portion of SU housing, meal plans (including extra dining dollars), parking permits, and certain mandatory fees. Unless noted otherwise, the refund is being calculated based on a March 23 start date (with 54 days remaining in a 101-day semester; spring break days are not counted). In most situations, we will provide a refund equal to 54 days (54/101 or 53.47%).

    For SU housing charges related to traditional Spring semester contracts ending May 15, we will refund 54/101 (or 53.47%) of the Spring 2020 charge. For housing charges related to Spring semester contracts ending July 31, we will refund 19 of 27 weeks (19/27 or 70.37%).

    For SU meal plans, we will refund 54/101 (or 53.47%) of your Spring 2020 charge. If the student has any extra dining dollars remaining (i.e., purchased but not used), the outstanding amount will be refunded in full and added to the meal plan refund.

    For SU student parking permits, the parking year (conforming with enforcement) is established as a 38-week period from August 26, 2019, to May 15, 2020. Through March 22, 30 weeks have elapsed with eight weeks remaining. We will refund 8/38 (21.05%) of the permit charge.

    For SU mandatory fees, the refund amount will be based on the amount the student has been charged for mandatory fees for all credit hours in which the student is actively enrolled (15w and 7w2). Generally, we will refund 54/101 (or 53.47%) of fees related to athletics, intramurals, student recreation, student activity, sustainability, and student union operations. Refunds will not be issued for mandatory fees related to technology (data, network systems, online learning) and facilities (financing and maintenance). Course fees will be refunded only if applicable courses are canceled.

    It is our goal to have all credits on the student account and all refunds issued within seven to ten business days beginning on Friday, March 27. Please understand that processing may take longer than normal due to modified University operations. To receive a refund as quickly as possible, students should verify that they have selected a refund disbursement method (e.g., ACH to a bank account).

    SU has contracted with BankMobile to process electronic refunds, so please select a refund disbursement method as soon as possible by going here. Please select “need a code” at the bottom of the page, or go here and enter “Salisbury University” and your student email address. Selecting a refund method (e.g., ACH to a bank account) will ensure you receive your refund within three to four business days of SU’s processing the refund. Students who do not select a refund method will automatically receive their refund from BankMobile via a paper check mailed to their GullNet home address approximately 21 days after SU has processed the refund.

    For more information on refunds, please visit our webpage:

    We appreciate your patience as we calculate credits and process refunds for all of our students. For any questions, please email the Cashiers Office at, as we are operating mostly outside the office during this pandemic. Please forward this email notification to your parents or guardians, if applicable.

    Please stay safe.

    The Salisbury University Cashiers Office 

  • Prevention Steps
    • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol. Hand sanitizing stations are located in all campus academic, residential and administration buildings.
    • Avoid contact with those who are ill, if possible.
    • Clean high-touch surfaces in your room and/or office with anti-bacterial cleaner (bleach wipes are very good).
    • Cough into your sleeve or a tissue, not directly into your hands, and wash your hands immediately.
    • Avoid touching your face both when you are ill and when healthy. This spreads germs!
    • Avoid sharing food, utensils, cups, and water bottles.
    • It may still be helpful to get a flu shot. Flu shots may be available at SHS and local pharmacies or from your primary care doctor.