Salisbury University students on campus

Campus Lockdown


In the event of an emergency situation requiring a secured campus, Salisbury University will alert the campus using some or all of the following notification methods:

  • University e-mail
  • Desktop computers alert message
  • Postings on SU website, Facebook page and Twitter
  • Signs in campus buildings
  • Campus and local commercial media outlets
  • Campus television cable system
  • Outdoor siren with pre-recorded and live voice capability

For students living on campus, SU residence hall staff will ensure quick and effective communication in each building. This is also the case for University Park, a public-private partnership for student housing which borders the campus. The SU Office of Student Affairs would also coordinate notification of local landlords where applicable.


University Police has the ability to secure buildings in the event of an emergency. The ability to secure buildings will be accomplished, in most cases, electronically via the University Police Communications Center. All residence halls can be secured electronically.

In the event of critical emergencies, SU’s lockdown policy will originate from a directive of the University Police chief or designee in the chief’s absence. The order to lockdown can be specific to a particular building or all applicable campus buildings. All available lockdown techniques and technology will be implemented.

The lockdown process should begin once notified via the Emergency Alert System that a hostile intruder or active shooter/threat is on campus. Additional messages via the alert system will be transmitted with a clear and specific instruction to lock down. The building(s) will remain locked until otherwise directed by the incident commander or chief of police.