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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences Department provides first-rate educational opportunities for biology and health-discipline majors in preparation for advanced degree work or postgraduate employment. Our degree programs provide you with the knowledge and abilities to apply the scientific process and to think critically about contemporary issues in the biological sciences.

Using state-of-the-art teaching technology and techniques, you learn the core knowledge of the discipline not through memorization, but through application and research activities that are inherent in every course. You can put what you have learned into practice in an undergraduate research experience or internship. Graduates of our program are broadly trained biologists, and they possess the knowledge and skills vital to postgraduate studies and future employment.

Our department is known for its collegial atmosphere and its student-centered approach in providing excellent classroom instruction and research opportunities. Meet the Biological Sciences Department faculty and staff.

Our Academic Programs

Our biology curriculum focuses on the development of knowledge and skills that are important for biologists in the 21st century. This requires a strong background within the discipline, competency in related sciences, and an in-depth knowledge of modern biological concepts and techniques. The required Biology Core sharpens a student’s focus while developing competence in various sub-disciplines. Upper-level courses and other relevant experiences provide not only depth in the student’s particular area(s) of interest, but also the skills that are necessary to excel in postgraduate life.

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Prepare for a Career in Biological Sciences at Salisbury University

There’s a world of discoveries to be made in the Biological Sciences Department at Salisbury University. The Henson School of Science and Technology offers everything a college student needs to succeed in the biology fields, including close faculty mentorship, undergraduate research opportunities and study abroad. Whether you are interested in a major in biology, biotechnology, environmental biology, secondary education or more, you’re sure to find your home at SU as you prepare for your scientific career.

My students learn molecular lab techniques and present their research at national science conferences.
Dr. Les Erickson Biological Sciences Department Faculty

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SU biology gave me a priceless education, and it wasn't only academic. I learned a lot about myself and I became part of a family of future scientists and medical providers. Whether I was solving fictional crimes with PCR, growing plants that glow or presenting research on plasma membranes, it was always a memorable experience that I wouldn’t give back for anything. Thank you SU!
Aurielle Rowe Biology Alumna
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