Entrance to Wayne Street garage

Employee Parking Permits

Employees parking on campus must purchase a parking permit and register their vehicle with Parking Services. Employees may purchase only one parking permit. Employees with outstanding parking ticket balances at Salisbury University (SU) or Central Collections Unit (CCU), will not be eligible for a parking permit until the balance is paid in full.

For employees new to the University, please visit Parking Services in Holloway Hall – room 219, for us to assist you with your parking permit purchase. Please bring the vehicle registration information for the vehicle that will be on the parking permit and your Salisbury University login credentials (if you have already started employment). See below for the permit fees, pricing is not pro-rated if purchased after the beginning of the academic year.

Parking is “Plates Out”. When parking on campus, drivers will be required to park with their license plate faces the driving lane so that it can be properly scanned. That means if you have a vehicle with one license plate, the license plate and the back of the vehicle will need to face the parking lane – no backing in or pulling through. This will allow for greater efficiencies in regard to enforcement.

If a vehicle other than the registered vehicle, is driven to campus – the vehicle must be added to the existing permit. Failure to register the other vehicle can result in the issuance of a citation. Log into the permit system at SU Parking Portal using your SU login information. Click on View Your Permits Click on the permit number click on Add Vehicles to Permit Click on Add a New Vehicle add the vehicle information Next.

Children and spouses of faculty and staff who are students at the University shall register their vehicles as students and park in student lots.

License plate information must be added without spaces or dashes. Click to see examples of correct license plate entries (PDF).

Employee Parking Permit Purchases

Purchasing permits is now done online using the SU Parking Portal:

Salisbury University Parking Portal

You have the following three options to pay for the permit:

  1. Continue with existing payroll deduction
  2. Create a new payroll deduction
  3. Pay for permit immediately with a credit/debit card.

Parking Permits must be purchased every year through the Parking Portal even if you have a payroll deduction to pay for the permit. If you did not purchase a permit through the portal, and have a payroll deduction established to pay for a permit, the deduction will continue automatically until you complete a Payroll Deduction Card to cancel it. Please return the Payroll Deduction Card to the Payroll Office, Holloway Hall Room 215.

All employees will need to register for permits on-line through the permit system and will need their GullNet log-in information. If you do not know this information, please contact the IT Help Desk at 410-677-5454.

Permit Fees

$95 Red Permit: Faculty/Staff (allows parking in Main Campus lots, Parking Garage and East Campus lots). If hired on or after March 1st, the permit cost is $50.00. If hired on or after June 1st, the permit cost is $25.00.

$45 Adjunct Faculty (Red): Adjunct faculty teaching 8 credit hours or less per semester during the day.

$40 Evening Only Permit (Blue): All evening commuting students and employees (Parking times: 4:45 p.m.-7:45 a.m. Mon-Fri).

$95 Motorcycle Permit: includes Main Campus, East Campus, and Parking Garage. If an employee has purchased a red permit, the motorcycle permit will cost $5.00 to be processed at the Parking Services office.