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2020-2021 Faculty Senate Committees

Committee chairs are encouraged to arrange committee meetings in the Dudley-Eshbach Faculty Center by following the guidelines on the webpage.

Committees of the Faculty Senate

Committees Reporting to the Faculty Senate

  • MHEC Faculty Advisory Committee (MHEC FAC)
  • Athletics Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Summer Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • General Education Review Steering Committee (GERSC)

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Consortium Standing Committees

Other Committees

* "At-large (for school)" indicates that the named school did not nominate one of its faculty
for a committee position, and so a member of the Faculty, possibly from a different school, was
elected at-large to fill that position for one year, as per the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article V, Section 2.

Please contact the Faculty Senate Webmaster,
with any questions, additions or corrections