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Annual Gyn/Pap Test

Women’s Health

Student Health offers many services for women’s health. An annual exam with a pap smear is not recommended until the age of 21. Students are able to schedule appointments for contraception, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted Infection Testing and abnormal vaginal discharge, as well as for an Annual Gynecologic exam with a Pap (if over the age of 21). Appointments can be scheduled online, through the Student Health Web portal, or by calling 410-543-6262.

TIPS - for optimal Pap smears/pelvic exam results

  • Schedule your pap smear mid-cycle if possible. Avoid the time when there is heavy menstrual bleeding. Blood may obscure cervical cells making accurate evaluation difficult.

48 hours prior to your pap smear:

  1. If sexually active, no intercourse
  2. No vaginal creams or suppositories
  3. No douching
  4. No tampons
  5. No diaphragms
  6. No female condoms
    • If you are using NuvaRing, please remove the ring just before coming in for your scheduled appointment. The ring can be removed for 3 hours without affecting its potency.
    • STD screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be done at the same time