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The Whole World in Your Hands

Earth Science Major

Earth science seeks to understand the complex processes operating within the earth-atmosphere system to improve the quality of human life. Earth scientists study geoscience disciplines including geology, hydrology, oceanography and environmental science, as well as classes focusing on analytic techniques including statistics and Geographic Information Science (GIS). From the soil beneath your feet to the depths of the ocean, the future of the Earth is in your hands.

Why Choose Earth Science at SU?

Our earth science program focuses on providing students with a broad background in the geosciences and its application to solving environmental problems and limiting natural hazards. Students complete courses in geology, weather and climate, map interpretation, geographic information science, statistics, chemistry and physics.

One key feature of our coursework in the earth science degree is our commitment to field work and experiential studies. Many of the core and elective courses in the earth science program include class field trips and intensive, hands-on lab activities. The coursework required for this degree provides a solid undergraduate knowledge base, which serves as a strong foundation for students continuing on to graduate studies or onto a career in the geosciences.


At SU, students may complete the earth science major in one of three tracks.

Meet Rachel – Earth Science Major

Meet Rachel – Earth Science Major

Discover the hands-on approach to studying the earth that Rachel loves about the earth science major.


Earth science plays an essential role in today’s rapidly changing world. Our earth science program gives you a well-rounded background to pursue a career such as:

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Geologist
  • Marine Engineer
  • Oceanographer
  • Paleontologist
  • Seismologist
  • Volcanologist

Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty is committed to the success of their students and provides many opportunities outside of class to grow and learn.

I want to show students exactly how classroom content can be transferred into practical skills in the field.
Thomas Cawthern, Ph.D. Department of Geography and Geosciences Faculty

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