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The Whole World in Your Hands

Earth Science Minor

Earth science seeks to understand the complex processes operating within the earth-atmosphere system to improve the quality of human life. Earth scientists study geoscience disciplines including geology, hydrology, oceanography and environmental science, as well as classes focusing on analytic techniques including statistics and Geographic Information Science (GIS). From the soil beneath your feet to the depths of the ocean, the future of the Earth is in your hands.

Why Choose Earth Science at SU?

Our earth science program focuses on providing students with a broad background in the geosciences and its application to solving environmental problems and limiting natural hazards. Students complete courses in geology, weather and climate, map interpretation, geographic information science, statistics, chemistry and physics. 

The minor in earth science requires the completion of at least 18 credit hours of courses, with at least nine of those hours being credits earned at SU. Only one elective course can be at the 100 level. Only one course can count toward the General Education requirement. All courses applicable to the minor must be completed with a C or better. Geography majors are not eligible to earn a minor in earth science.

Students in the earth science minor must complete the following core:

  • GEOL 103 Introduction to Physical Geology
  • GEOG 201 Weather and Climate

You must also complete at least 10 credits of elective courses (see checklist for options). 

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers an earth science major.

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