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College of Health and Human Services

If you are a student interested in or already pursuing a degree in the College of Health and Human Services, you’ll find helpful information specific to you here. You are encouraged to engage actively in the advising process with your faculty advisor, listed in your GullNet account. An active partnership is critical to effective advising – and timely and successful completion of your college degree.

College of Health and Human Services Majors and Minors

The College of Health and Human Services offers the following majors:

The College of Health and Human Services offers the following minors:

Health Professions Advisory Program

The Health Professions Advising Program (HPAP) is a counseling, advising and resource service available to all SU students, regardless of academic major. The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is composed of faculty members from several disciplines within the school. Health care career opportunities are plentiful. HPAP provides the infrastructure to guide students to an appropriate health career choice, to incorporate the required courses into their academic curriculum, and to develop the knowledge and experiences necessary to gain admission to the health profession program of their choice. Check out our FAQ to start your journey.

Join the HPAP listserv to receive email updates and reminders of special events such as registration alerts, group advising, workshops, open houses and recruiter visits. There are many events that you do not want to miss, and being registered with HPAP allows us to communicate with your through your personal email. Register now, by sending your name, student ID number and career goal(s) to

HPAP offers guidance for the following health professions: