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Fulton School of Liberal Arts

If you are a student interested in or already pursuing a degree in the Fulton School, you’ll find helpful information specific to you here. You are encouraged to engage actively in the advising process with your faculty advisor, listed in your GullNet account. An active partnership is critical to effective advising – and timely and successful completion of your college degree.

Declaring/Changing Your Major/Minor to a Fulton Program

The best time to change your major is before the Program Planning (advising) period! Many departments across campus will not process a Change of Major form during Program Planning, and will instead process these forms after the advising period. As a result, you may not be able to meet with a department advisor for your new major until the advising period has concluded for current majors.

Fulton advising sign-ups for Program Planning begin in October and March each semester. Please make sure your Change of Major request has been submitted to the appropriate Fulton department by the start of Program Planning.

Steps to Add a Fulton Major or Minor

Petitioning the Dean’s Office

The policy of the Fulton School is that, absent very unusual circumstances, students must add all courses, drop all courses, request a change in grading (pass/fail, audit), credits for a course (when applicable) by the end of the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester. Please see the Registrar’s Calendar for important dates.

Please select a link below to download the appropriate petition instructions. In order to ensure a timely review, please follow each step within the appropriate instructions. A petition request is not considered complete until each step is successfully completed by the initiating student.

All requests should be submitted to Fulton Advising Services Coordinator John Anello, Blackwell Hall 113A.