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For Prospective Students

Whatever your major or area of concentration at Salisbury University, the Clarke Honors College experience can enhance the value of your degree. Graduating with honors demonstrates to employers and graduate programs that you're the type of person who welcomes challenges and exceeds expectations. Completing the necessary coursework for honors requires sustained effort across many semesters, and the capstone (or thesis) project shows your ability to work independently at a high level. That kind of determination and self-motivation are attractive to recruiters in virtually every field, giving you a competitive edge in the professional world or in applying to graduate programs nationwide.

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Excel with the Salisbury University Honors College

Find out how SU's Clarke Honors College can help you make the most of your academic career.

Scholarship Opportunities

Incoming freshmen have the opportunity to be chosen for the two following scholarships:

Recent Honors-Sponsored Activities

We sponsor honors trips and activities every semester for Clarke Honors College students, from conference presentations and workshops to trips to New York City.