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Reserve a Room

The Guerrieri Academic Commons contain several rooms that are reservable for many different types of groups or activities. Please be sure to review the room usage policies before making a reservation.

COVID-19 Notice

Please note that some of the information on this page may be affected by our COVID-19 response. Please see our COVID-19 Updates & Resources page or contact us for more information.

Group Study Rooms

There are 15 group study rooms of various sizes throughout the Guerrieri Academic Commons. The larger rooms can accommodate groups of up to 10 people, while the smaller rooms only seat 4. While most rooms are reservable, there are a few rooms that are available on a first come, first served basis. You can see the details for all of our rooms below.

Please make sure to read our Study Room Policies before attempting to make a reservation.

Room Name Capacity Reservable
Room 139 6 People No
Room 140 6 People No
Room 225 4 People Yes
Room 226 10 People Yes
Room 227 10 People Yes
Room 228 4 People Yes
Room 234 10 People Yes
Room 235 6 People Yes
Room 236 10 People Yes
Room 237 10 People Yes
Room 238 10 People Yes
Room 239 8 People Yes
Room 240 8 People Yes
Room 241 8 People Yes
Room 242 8 People Yes

Presentation Practice Room

The Presentation Practice Room (AC 116) is meant to help SU students, faculty, and staff improve their presentation skills. The space gives you a place to run through your presentations with a friendly audience to get practice as well as constructive criticism.

The room is also equipped with video recording equipment to allow you to record your presentations. Watching your own presentation can be a great learning experience and is one of the quickest ways to making your presentations more engaging and informative.

Read More About the Presentation Practice Room

Adjunct Faculty Space

For Adjunct Faculty, the library also offers an office that is reservable (AC 130). Please note that only Salisbury University Adjunct Faculty are allowed to reserve this room.

Reserve the Adjunct Faculty Space