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Tuition Protection Plan

Financial Services provides critical financial and administrative services to students and employee. We are the department that bills students and third parties, processes federal financial aid refunds, pays employees and vendors, procures goods and services, prepares budgets and financial statements, processes accounting entries, reimburses employees for expenses, collects cash receipts, administers parking permits, makes student residency determinations, maintains inventory records and delivers mail to campus.

Salisbury University has partnered with GradGuard™ to offer tuition insurance. The Tuition Protection Plan was designed with students and their families in mind. It can reimburse tuition payments, room and board fees, and other non-refundable college expenses if a student needs to withdraw from school any time during the semester for any covered reason such as illness, injury or psychological condition. This coverage strengthens and broadens the school’s existing refund policy.

This is a completely voluntary program. The insurance premium covers a single semester and the cost is based on 1.25% of the insured amount. For example, a $10,000 insured amount would cost $125. Students pay the insurance premium to GradGuard. Should it be necessary, claims are filed with GradGuard. To learn more about the tuition insurance program, please contact GradGuard at 1-877-794-6603 or visit GradGuard’s SU-specific website at

This brochure also contains additional information.

This is an exclusive offer for our Salisbury University families and is not offered to the general public.

Full Disclosure: Salisbury University derives no revenue from the implementation of this program or from the participation of any students/parents.