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Academic Requirements For Transfer Applicants

About General Education

All students seeking a bachelor’s degree from SU are required to complete a series of courses that span several disciplines; this program is called General Education. General Education promotes intellectual development and provides students with a common ground of understanding and competence for meeting the challenges of today’s world as educated individuals.

General Education Requirements

While every SU student must complete requirements in each of the Group I-IV categories, how the requirements are fulfilled varies from major to major. The following provides you an overview of what courses are required for General Education.

Check the Checklist

Frequently, some General Education requirements are met by your major requirements; they will be indicated as “Fulfilled by Major” in the General Education section of your intended major’s checklist. To view a checklist of requirements for your intended major and to see how General Education fits into your program of study, go to the academic checklists page.

If in Doubt, Go to the Catalog

If you aren’t sure if a course meets General Education requirements, refer to the University catalog where the course descriptions indicate if the course meets General Education requirements and if so, which group.