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Graduate Internship Training Program

Along with the variety of services offered to all students at Salisbury University, the Counseling Center operates as a graduate training facility for counselors-in-training at the master’s level. Our internship is a valuable opportunity for master’s students interested in gaining supervised counseling experience in a clinical setting.

About the Program

Our program is designed to provide supervised experiences in activities that reflect the functioning of a clinician in a university counseling center. We provide supervised experience in college developmental, situational and educational issues as well as more significant mental health symptoms and diagnosis in addition to experience in the following areas:

  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Outreach programming
  • Consultation
  • Intake interviews

The staff are committed to excellence in training and the provision of quality supervision. As members of the Counseling Center professional staff, trainees are afforded many learning opportunities. They are required to attend all staff and clinical meetings. They are also provided with one hour of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision per week with a Counseling Center staff member and are encouraged to consult with any available staff when necessary.

The overall goal of the internship is to enable each student to develop, improve and demonstrate her/his ability to function as a counselor in a mental health setting.

Application Information

If you are interested in being an intern with the Counseling Center, contact Dawn Harner (Training Coordinator) at 410-543-6070. Résumés and cover letters may be forwarded to the Counseling Center, attn: Dawn Harner. View more information about the application process.

Interning in the Counseling Center gives you a rich opportunity to directly apply what you are learning in classes in meaningful ways. The center’s professional staff creates an environment that is both challenging and supportive for interns, and which allows us to maximize the experience that we gain as an intern. The supervisory philosophies and practices upheld in the center are invaluable to interns as we identify our own theoretical orientations, techniques and styles.
Past Counseling Center Intern